Top 5 Best Anal Itching Treatments

Posted by Pete Peterson on 26th Jun 2019

When anal itch attacks, you want relief! Some people have chronic issues while others have only sporadic anal itching problems. This article will cover the 5 best ways to treat an itchy anus so … read more

100+ Years of Pruritus Ani Treatment History

Posted by Pete Peterson on 31st May 2019

(Have we learned anything?)Pruritus Ani is not a new disease. It has been a steady medical problem for at least the last 100+ years that one can easily research on the internet. Around the year 1900 … read more

How to Heal Anal Fissures Without Surgery Or Prescriptions

Posted by Pete Peterson on 8th Apr 2019

Anal Fissures are exceptionally difficult to heal. They can also be extremely painful with debilitating pain lasting many hours after a bowel movement. But a little-known treatment has had succes … read more

The Best Home Remedy for Treating Chronic Anal Itching

Posted by Pete Peterson on 1st Apr 2019

As the world’s leading expert on the treatment of idiopathic pruritus ani, I’m often asked if there is a simple homeopathic remedy that can be used to treat chronic anal itching. (I am not a med … read more

The Cure for Chronic Anal Itching

Posted by Pete Peterson on 28th Feb 2019

Chronic anal itching, medically known as pruritus ani, is a surprisingly difficult problem to tackle.One would assume a person could simply go to the drug store or go to a doctor and get a prescript … read more