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Pranicura: A Breakthrough Treatment for Pruritus Ani and Minor Anal Fissures

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Healthcare Professionals,

Idiopathic pruritus ani and anal fissures can be debilitating conditions that drastically alter one’s quality of life. However, treatment options to successfully alleviate the symptoms associated with these conditions are limited. Fortunately, we have created Pranicura: a safe, proven, and highly effective topical ointment and treatment process that has provided relief to thousands of pruritus ani and anal fissure sufferers in over 50 different countries.

We believe that Pranicura is a true breakthrough and should be considered a viable treatment option for those suffering with idiopathic pruritus ani and minor anal fissures. In an independent survey of 17,685 Pranicura users, 2,086 of which responded, it was confirmed that 90% found success with the Pranicura Treatment. Although further research must be conducted, Pranicura has also been effective at treating hemorrhoids and other anal/perianal skin problems. A direct link to see the detailed survey results can be found HERE.

Pranicura is approved under the over-the-counter FDA monograph for “anorectal ointments” and is registered under FDA NDC#: 71831-001-01. It is steroid-free, contains four active ingredients, and is safe for long-term use. The formula is patent-pending and no other product on the market contains the same ingredients as Pranicura.

Our mission is simple – we want to help your patients and provide you with a treatment option that has proven to be extremely successful. If you are comfortable doing so, we would respectfully encourage you to order our brochures (free of charge) and pass them out to your patients and colleagues. For more information on our company and product, or to request samples, please contact us at or 763-537-3419.

We greatly appreciate your dedication to the field and hope that you will consider Pranicura for your patients. Simply give them our website address or order some of our free brochures to hand out.


Peter J. Gottschalk
Founding Member, Pranicura LLC
Tel: 763-537-3419

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