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Relieves AND Prevents Painful, Itchy Hemorrhoids

• 91% Documented Success
• No Steroids or Numbing Drugs
• FDA Compliant OTC Medicine
• Best Hemorrhoid Ointment Available
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The Ultimate Hemorrhoids Treatment

There are dozens of inexpensive hemorrhoid ointments available on the market so why choose Pranicura?

1) In a survey of 171 Pranicura users with itchy hemorrhoids, 91% said they experienced “success” with our ointment. In addition, just 6% of people said that they preferred Preparation H over Pranicura. Clearly, Pranicura has proven to be a better hemorrhoid remedy. Originally invented as the world’s best treatment for a condition called “idiopathic pruritus ani” (chronic anal itching of unknown cause), it was later found to aid in the healing of the entire anal area as well as relieve hemorrhoid itching.

2) It costs nothing if you don’t like it for any reason. No need to return unused product, simply email us and let us know it didn’t work and you get your money back in full, no questions asked. We’re that confident in Pranicura. (Try getting a refund for a used tube of ointment from your drug store or pharmacy!) At $20 USD per ounce, it is not any more expensive than Preparation H with lidocaine.

3) As far as we know, Pranicura is the only ointment also designed to help PREVENT itchy hemorrhoids. At the first sign of anal itching or irritation, you apply our ointment and it reduces irritation and inflammation, thereby preventing hemorrhoids from getting large and painful.

4) Pranicura is safe to use daily and long-term if needed. It does not contain any steroids, cortisone, or lidocaine. You can apply it every day if necessary, unlike 1% hydrocortisone that is only recommended to be used sporadically. Long term use of it can thin the skin, leading to more anal problems. Lidocaine will numb the area and give pain relief for a few hours, but Pranicura gives much longer pain relief without numbing.

5) It’s an FDA compliant and registered (2017) OTC (over-the counter) anal ointment. It’s not some internet homeopathic concoction. It’s real medicine, safe to use, and just might be the most effective hemorrhoid ointment available.


IF I COULD GIVE 100 STARS I WOULD. I have been using Pranicura for about 6 months now. It is truly a blessing for hemorrhoids and fissures. Before this product I was contemplating surgery it was so bad. No more bleeding and no more flareups!”

BEST SOLUTION! The Pranicura treatment is extremely effective-highly recommend!””

“My piles still get aggravated from time to time, but at least this product is great at providing relief, and relief that actually lasts for pretty much the whole day, so for that I am grateful. When I first applied Pranicura, the sting was just this side of bearable. Now the only "sensation" I experience upon application is a slight cooling sensation. So, your product definitely did something back there - got rid of whatever bacteria or infections that were exacerbating all my issues, and I am grateful for that as well. I was hoping this medication would eventually stop piles entirely, but the relief it has provided is still substantial so I am nonetheless feeling fortunate to have found your product!”

“I've been suffering with hemorrhoids for 10 years. I then found Pranicura and I can't believe I didn't find it sooner, it relieves everything!”

“Pranicura is an amazing product that has gotten rid of all itchiness. Their customer service is also fantastic - when my original order got lost in the mail on the way to Mexico, they sent a new one to relatives in the US for me to pick up while on vacation. Great team, great work!”

“I'm 30 years old, and for some reason started having issues with my anus. Hemorrhoids, fissures, bleeding, etc - all over the last few years. I went to a specialist and he gave me a few things - desitin (diaper rash stuff) and some steroid cream. The desitin worked ok, but the steroid cream was miserable. I came across Pranicura through some online searching and thought I'd give it a try. After about a week, it did "work" in the sense that it alleviated my symptoms. I have flare ups sometimes but when I do I just use this stuff.”

Pranicura WORKS LIKE A CHAMP ON FISSURES AND HEMORRHOIDS. Unbelievable product, easy to use, slight warm sensation on application (normal). Instant relief from deep fissure and hemorrhoids. Cleared up problem in less than 10 days! So impressed I gave some to my daughter. Thank you much :)””

“I have a hemorrhoid that flares up from time to time. It gets really itchy. Pranicura feels very soothing. None of the other products that I have tried soothed as much as your product. I always keep some with me just in case. I recently ordered a second jar so that I can have one at home and keep one in my purse.”

“I have been to the doctors multiple times, had internal hemorrhoids banded, tried several different creams from the doctor and no relief. I have been dealing with this for 2 years. I decided to purchase Pranicura based on reviews. What did I have to lose. I lost the ITCH ! I have only applied this 4 times in over 2 weeks and haven't had any itching. I hope this isn't short lived but so far it's been a miracle !!!”

A PRODUCT THAT DELIVERS 100% RESULTS. Unbelievable product, easy to use, slight warm sensation on application (normal). Instant relief from deep fissure and hemorrhoids. Cleared up problem in less than 10 days! So impressed I gave some to my daughter. Thank you much :)”

FINALLY! SOMETHING THAT WORKS!! I've been dealing with hemorrhoids for almost two years now and have tried everything under the sun, with no relief. After just a few days of using Pranicura, I noticed a difference, I was healing. Thank you SO much for this product. Complete relief!!! Great product!!!!”

TOTAL RELIEF FROM ITCHING. I've been using Pranicura for only a few weeks and I find complete relief from the constant itching I was experiencing. Would totally recommend it.”

BEST AND ONLY PRODUCT THAT WORKED!!! I cannot tell you how absolutely amazing Pranicura is! I have been suffering for two years now. I have had multiple banding surgeries, tried countless over-the-counter medications and multiple natural healing recommendations. Nothing had worked. I was ready to go to the emergency room from the itching and pain when I desperately found your cream online. I am not fully cured, but it has healed and soothed and given me hope. It works great and It has given me my life back! I have shared your information with my doctor in hopes that he will recommend it to future patients and have told my friends and relatives. You guys are doing great work out there! Keep it up!”

TRIED EVERYTHING FOR OVER A MONTH. THIS FIXED IT IN LESS THAN A WEEK. Never before have I suffered from this condition, but it was so painful for about 5 weeks. I tried everything the Pharmacy could provide but nothing worked. Was a little wary about the Pranicura warnings of an initial burning sensation being normal, but this was quite the opposite for me being a very cooling sensation and immediate relief. Within a week all symptoms had gone and I think I have enough left in the tub to last for years if it ever occurs again.”

“I've suffered for a number of years, and I have found complete relief after about 6 weeks of using Pranicura. I am delighted with my purchase - there is plenty of product in a container, and I have plenty left in case of recurrence.”

CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! I was very skeptical but desperate to try anything. I have suffered from hemorrhoids for over 25 years and for the last 2 years from a fissure as well. It was extremely painful along with the hemorrhoidal flareups and bleeding. I tried everything, even resorted to importing items from Poland that stated it helped fissures/hemorrhoids. Nothing was working and I was contemplating surgery. I read the reviews of Pranicura and it just seemed too good to be true, but being desperate I ordered it. I felt it had a "cooling" sensation when applied. The next two days with my bowel movements I still had bleeding but then it stopped. I also did not have as severe protruding hemorrhoids as I did before. I am continuing to apply daily x2 and am hopeful it will fully cure my fissure and hemorrhoids over time. I cannot thank you enough for developing something that works. After spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on over the counter items that barely took the edge off, I finally have relief!!! Anyone who has suffered from hemorrhoids or fissures should give this a try, you won't be sorry.”

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*Disclaimer: Results with Pranicura vary. While currently a vast majority of users get relief from hemorrhoids using the Pranicura treatment, there is no way to guarantee specific results or guarantee that 100% of users will get satisfactory relief. Currently, there is no known drug, ointment or diet that can guarantee a cure for everyone with anal itching or chronic anal fissures.

*Please note that under our terms/privacy/contact tab above, we promise you the very best customer service. You can always reach us to rectify any issues, make a comment or ask any questions. (All of our customer representatives were long term sufferers and know first-hand what you are going through.) We are sincerely here to help you beat this awful condition and will do everything we can to accomplish that. Email us anytime at help@pranicura.com. Please see the terms/privacy/contact page of our website for all contact info, refund policy, and privacy information.