The Ultimate Hemorrhoids Treatment

There are dozens of inexpensive hemorrhoid ointments available on the market so why choose Pranicura?

1) In a survey of 171 Pranicura users with itchy hemorrhoids, 91% said they experienced “success” with our ointment. In addition, just 6% of people said that they preferred Preparation H over Pranicura. Clearly, Pranicura has proven to be a better hemorrhoid remedy. Originally invented as the world’s best treatment for a condition called “idiopathic pruritus ani” (chronic anal itching of unknown cause), it was later found to aid in the healing of the entire anal area as well as relieve hemorrhoid itching.

2) It costs nothing if you don’t like it for any reason. No need to return unused product, simply email us and let us know it didn’t work and you get your money back in full, no questions asked. We’re that confident in Pranicura. (Try getting a refund for a used tube of ointment from your drug store or pharmacy!) At $20 USD per ounce, it is not any more expensive than Preparation H with lidocaine.

3) As far as we know, Pranicura is the only ointment also designed to help PREVENT itchy hemorrhoids. At the first sign of anal itching or irritation, you apply our ointment and it reduces irritation and inflammation, thereby preventing hemorrhoids from getting large and painful.

4) Pranicura is safe to use daily and long-term if needed. It does not contain any steroids, cortisone, or lidocaine. You can apply it every day if necessary, unlike 1% hydrocortisone that is only recommended to be used sporadically. Long term use of it can thin the skin, leading to more anal problems. Lidocaine will numb the area and give pain relief for a few hours, but Pranicura gives much longer pain relief without numbing.

5) It’s an FDA compliant and registered (2017) OTC (over-the counter) anal ointment. It’s not some internet homeopathic concoction. It’s real medicine, safe to use, and just might be the most effective hemorrhoid ointment available.

"I personally use Pranicura and recommend it to my patients."

- Dr. Albert Chung, Colon/Rectal Surgeon and Founder of the YouTube Channel "Your Friendly Proctologist".

Dr. Chung believes in Pranicura and has seen many patients benefit and heal anal problems in his office! Now, he wants to share this information in videos to educate you on the best ways to use Pranicura. We have received so much positive feedback from you and we want more people to experience relief from anal pain and irritation.

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*Disclaimer: Results with Pranicura vary. While currently a vast majority of users get relief from their symptoms using the Pranicure treatment, there is no way to guarantee specific results or guarantee that 100% of users will get satisfactory relief. Currently, there is no known drug, ointment or diet that can guarantee a cure for everyone with Pruritus Ani, anal itching or chronic anal fissures.

*Please note that under our terms/privacy/contact tab above, we promise you the very best customer service. You can always reach us to rectify any issues, make a comment or ask any questions. (All of our customer representatives were long term sufferers and know first-hand what you are going through.) We are sincerely here to help you beat this awful condition and will do everything we can to accomplish that. Email us anytime at help@pranicura.com. Please see the terms/privacy/contact page of our website for all contact info, refund policy, and privacy information.