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If I could give 100 stars I would I never write reviews for stuff. But Pranicura is life changing. I suffered from chronic fissures after giving birth. For 8 months I was in constant, excruciating pain. I could not afford to go to the doctor. I tried everything, nothing worked till I found this. I used it according to the directions and in just 3 days my pain was gone. It’s been 6 months now and haven’t had another issue. I just ordered another jar. So happy I found this product.

AMAZING MAGIC Unfortunately I am one of those people who suffered from an anal fissure and kept getting a re-occuring one regularly. I am 26, and after being scared, I saw my doctor. No, real answer, but gave me an over the counter cream to try. It didn't work, and I felt hopeless. After hours of scouring the internet, I happened on this website, bit the bullet and purchased a jar. I can't say how thankful I am for this product, because it healed me. I am grateful for this product and will continue to buy to keep jars on hand. It is wonderful! If you suffer from fissures, give this a try and follow the directions. Your body will thank you. Please keep making this product!

My Life Has Changed I cannot express the sheer joy, happiness and excitement that I feel since purchasing this incredible product! I was literally distraught and in tears daily because of my problem. I could not imagine this being the rest of my life. I read many of the reviews and decided I have to give this a try. I followed directions and read the instruction sheets word for word. I feel like a new person and that is no exaggeration!! I will never live nor travel without my golden jar of Pranicura!!!

Fissure for 2 years now gone!! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your amazing product!!! I had a fissure for over 2 years and tried everything. All kinds of products, 3 doctors and nothing worked. My next step was surgery and then I found Pranicura. After 4 weeks of moderate use (2-3 times a day) my fissure is gone!!! I have NO PAIN!!!! I am so thankful for this product and I hope that others find it to help them. Feel free to use this review. Thank you!!!

Best remedy for fissures Been dealing with a chronic fissure since after my son was born. 2 years of pain and dr visits. Next step was surgery. I tried the Pranicura treatment plus use the magnesium as suggested each night in the directions. I have been pain free for a month now and no longer require surgery. I noticed the difference after 3 weeks of use. Now I only use it once ever few days and will continue until I am confident enough to reduce it to once a week. Follow the directions. Give it a try as surgery is a last resort.

This is the real deal I had a fissure - according to the surgeon... a bad one... I ended up having surgery to fix it, but that surgery lasted only 18 months before things started going downhill again. I was just about to get ready to go into surgery again, when I came across this product and thought I would give it a try - anyone who knows the pain of fissures knows the feeling of desperation for a solution. Three months later, I am completely HEALED - no more cream required - and NO expensive operation, and NO pain or discomfort. I never thought it would be possible, but it IS POSSIBLE and I cannot recommend Pranicura highly enough. And I was not even following all the directions (by accident), so I could have been healed even faster. If you are in any sort of pain, GET THIS STUFF.

The best cream for anal fissure…saved my life I’m a 24 healthy and an active male and I’ve been suffering with chronic anal fissures with heavy bleeding since mid 2017 until early 2019. Tried every single thing on the Internet, multiple visits to the GP and gastroenterologist with no luck. Found this on the Internet when I casually searched for anal fissure cream and I tried it per the treatment process and I’m finally fissure free since early 2019. I’ve had mild flare ups once in a while and I go back to follow the treatment process and it goes away. Thanks Pranicura for saving my life I don’t dread going to the toilet anymore!

Best Product for Fissures I had been to the doctor and been given two prescriptions for my fissure but nothing had worked. I set up the surgery but then decided to try one last thing while I was waiting for the surgery. Pranicura was incredible! I am a person who never writes reviews. I really hope that people can find this medicine for their fissure tears. Fissures are the most painful, horrible thing I've ever gone through. Pranicura definitely works but you MUST follow the directions exactly. Thank you so much for saving me from having surgery!

sanity. at last! I have had an ongoing problem for 29 years. On and off, but always there to haunt me. I am 62 years old and I've been brought to my knees, crying. Thank you. from the bottom of my heart I thank you.

Works better than anything the Dr. gave me!!! Pranicura finally gave me relief after trying so many others. i am totally healed from a anal fissure of so much suffering. It truly is amazing!

It is a miracle cream I was quite sceptical of pranicura at first. I tried all the creams available and then had botox to try and heal a chronic fissure. Nothing worked and over 2 years it did not heal...I used Pranicura as a last resort and regret whole heartedly it was not my first choice. It’s really helped and I am amazed. I wish I tried it sooner.

Lifesaver I have had severe anal itching for as long as I can remember. Multiple visits to different doctors and testing nearly every cream and ointment on the market provided no relief. I accepted this condition as part of my life and decided that I just have to live with it. About six months ago, the itch transformed into extremely painful fissures. The pain, burning, and itching were so intense they took over my life. I could not sleep, even sitting for more than 20 minutes at a time was impossible, and going to the bathroom seemed like torture every single time. I was exhausted, miserable and felt like I was at the end of my rope when I finally ordered Pranicura. I had nothing to lose. And then the impossible happened! 1.5 weeks later I was virtually pain and itch free. 1.5 weeks!! I cannot describe how amazing it is to feel normal! I cannot believe that I wasted so many years living in such discomfort. If you are on the fence about Pranicura, I urge you to do yourself a favor and buy it! It is worth every penny. Follow the instructions and BE PATIENT!! I would give it 100 stars if I could. It truly is a miracle in a jar.

Wonderful stuff I fought with fissures for years and I was in so much pain. This stuff was a blessing I could not believe it.

This Stuff seriously works! It is a God Send! I had been dealing with a fissure for over a year and had tried everything. Nothing worked until now. This stuff is a god send!

I wish I had found this 3 years ago! After Trying over the counter creams for a fissure, 2 proctologist’s, countless doctors, Botox treatment in hospital over 3 years and still constant itching due to a fissure. This cream worked in 3 weeks. Simply life changing.

This works miracles Been with anal fissures since end of 2017 and decided to give this a go after online search!! Just need a bit of patience for some weeks but after healing you will be smiling on your way to the loo!!

helped heal fissures after child birth After 4 months of trying everything to heal my anal fissures after child birth.... I came across Pranicura and it has allowed me to finally heal!

Amazing I was honestly about to give up. The pain from my fissures was unlivable, but started using this stuff and I felt nearly human again. Make sure to follow the directions. For me this product is a life saver.

Relief from my Anal Fissure Wow, this product is incredible! After many months of trying different cream/treatments from stories I read online and from my CRS, i was stuck. Another CRS wanted to do surgery. I tried this as a last resort after reading some reviews. I'm very glad I did!! This has given me my life back! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Chronic fissure healed... got my life back! I am absolutely amazed with this product! After trying everything short of surgery (literally hundreds of dollars on remedies) to help heal my chronic fissure, nothing worked -- until I found this. This is not like anything else out there - it basically seals the wound and allows it to heal. And after 12 days of consistent use twice daily per the instructions, I finally had my first painless and blood-free bowel movement after months of excruciating, all-day pain. I am in awe and nearly in tears of joy and gratitude. I finally have my quality of life back and no longer fear going to the bathroom everyday! I highly recommend sticking to the protocol for a few weeks after symptoms subside to ensure full healing. It's also essential to keep your stools soft. If you're suffering from a fissure, suffer no longer, this is your remedy! Thank you for making an amazing product. You have changed my life. Thank you!! :)

You won't regret it!! This not only takes care of itching but helps with fissures also! I have dealt with a chronic fissure and hemorrhoids for several years and nothing would help and believe me I have tried everything! Prior to Pranicura all I could think about was the itching/pain on my backside. It was affecting my entire life. My first jar has lasted a little over a year and I just ordered my second jar. I will not be without it! I noticed a difference after about a week, but it took a good 2 months for things to really improve. I also took the jar to my proctologist and she is good with me using it for the rest of my life if need be. I use it one time a day now that everything is under control!

I just have to say Wow ! One week since I started using Pranicura and WOW! I have no more pain nor blood! Perfect !

Must Have Completely healed fissure, I took a little longer than normal to write this because I wanted to wait and see if it returned but after using Pranicura for 3 months then waiting 3 months without I can say I’m completely healed. This is after dealing with a large fissure for a year.

Thank you!! What a relief! Have endured anal fissures for years. This is the first time I have had such satisfactory results without surgery!

The Best I'd been suffering with an anal fissure for over 6 months. After several doctor visits, I was prescribed medication and told about surgical options. I found Pranicura and I can't believe I waited as long as I did. Instant relief and slow healing but it's happening! Nothing has worked this well and I've tried EVERYTHING. Thank you !!!

Awesome product for anal fissures I'm 32 and I had problems with an anal fissure for 6 years. At best it got better for few weeks, rarely months but eventually it reopened. I tried many things, a few helped somewhat, others not at all, but nothing really cured it. It kept reoccurring and I felt helpless. I was about to give up but decided to try Pranicura as the last thing before finally admitting defeat. The reviews convinced me to order it regardless of the price and customs charges (I live in Europe) and skepticism . I started using it as prescribed as soon as it arrived. I didn't want to get my hopes up too soon, but I could feel very early on that it was working! Right after I started using it I was a bit constipated and had a hard stool, which would normally cause bleeding immediately, but while using Pranicura it did not! It's now been almost 3 months and I noticed I'm forgetting to use it since I don't really have problems anymore. Now I'm just hoping it really heals fully and it will last without re-occurrence. I'm very happy, satisfied and overall thankful for this product. I wish I'd known about it sooner and really hope my anal fissure is finally history. I highly recommend it since it is by far the best product I tried in 6 years battling this anal fissure. A massive thank you to all the people behind Pranicura :)

REALLY - IT WORKS FOR FISSURES! Like other reviewers, I was suffering the discomfort and humiliation from anal fissures. Until I found this product, nothing worked. Within days the bleeding stopped; and it has now been over a year requiring only maintenance use (e.g., 1-2 applications per week, MAX!).

So grateful!! I cannot over emphasize how appreciative I am of your product. Three years ago my life was in turmoil as a result of a fissure. I had seen multiple doctors including surgeons and was not getting any relief anywhere. The pain was indescribable. The English language cannot adequately convey the depths of my misery. Your product changed all of that very quickly and I cannot overstate my sincere thanks. With gratitude, D.G.

One jar, and I have my life back from painful fissures! I had suffered with severe, badly bleeding anal fissures for 10 years. Multiple "scopes", wipes, fiber, stool softeners, topical applications, etc had little to no effect. My anus was so perpetually swollen that I often had to bear down to PASS GAS. I dreaded every trip to the bathroom, and was beginning to wonder if this is what my life was going to be like, and how I would continue to live with it.

I started using Pranicura at Thanksgiving last year. By Christmas, I had no pain, no bleeding, and was passing much easier due to reduced swelling. Since then, I have not had one instance of pain, bleeding, itching, or swelling in two full years.

This is literally a miracle! It is difficult for anyone who has not experienced this issue to understand what chronic pain during bowel movements is like, but, today, I still truly appreciate what a simple pleasure it is every day.

It really works I have suffered from fissures and itching for 6 years. Absolutely nothing worked until I tried this product. I have to admit that I was very skeptical as I don't believe products on the internet, but since I tried everything my doctors could give me, I figured I'd give it a try. It's been six weeks and the fissures are gone and the itching is almost completely gone. Highly recommend

Worked when prescription medication wouldn't This product works! I tried prescription medications my doctor gave me but nothing worked. This stuff did the trick. Not only did it take away the pain from my fissure quickly, it helped me to heal without surgery! Highly recommend!!!

Completely Healed fissure after my doctor was considering surgery I don't usually write product reviews- but the reviews on this product helped me decide to try it. I have a chronic anal fissure and it can be very painful. I used this product along with sitz baths, fiber supplements, and Colace- non stimulant stool softeners. I went back to my colorectal surgeon and she told me I was completely healed. I had to contact the Pranicura group via email for more specific instructions, but the product did work and I'm healed now!

A total believer! Ditto to all the accolades others have written. There can’t be any other words to say how effective Pranicura is. THANK YOU!