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What causes chronic anal itching? Is there a cure?

*Breakthrough research strongly suggests ONE origin of chronic anal itching.
*Resulting new treatment succeeds, when all others fail.
*Exclusive formulation with FDA approved aluminium hydroxide gel is the secret to bringing relief.
*Unintended benefit of medication promotes healing of persistent anal fissures.

What causes chronic anal itching (pruritus ani)?

Pruritus ani is a Latin phrase meaning “itchy anus”. Symptoms of this condition include an intense urge to scratch the anal area (or a strong burning sensation), accompanied by irritated anal and perianal skin. Unfortunately, most cases of pruritus ani are diagnosed as idiopathic, which means that the specific cause is unknown. The level of affliction can vary greatly among sufferers. It ranges from just mildly annoying, to a life changing, sleep depriving nightmare.

In 2010, we began a search for the cure of idiopathic pruritus ani. First, we needed to find the cause. Conventional thinking on anal itching is that there are so many different causes that one common treatment is not possible. However, our observations on thousands of people with chronic anal itching disagrees with that common assumption. It produced the following non-scientific findings:

  • Special diets or food elimination will not cure the problem in almost every instance.
  • Allergies to fabrics, soaps or powders are minimal and should not be considered a primary cause in most people.
  • Poor hygiene is not the cause. If every person with poor hygiene had chronic anal itching doctors would be flooded with tens of millions of patients. Statistically, only a small percentage of people are afflicted.
  • Keeping the anal area clean and dry is good advice, but it is not enough on its own for most people to get relief. In addition, too dry can be just as bad as too moist.
  • Overcleaning and dry scratching makes the itching worse, but it is not the cause of the problem.
  • Candida fungal infection is not the cause in most people.
  • The itch is very real – it is not a mental or stress issue.
  • Petrolatum, an ingredient found in most ointments, can make anal itching worse.
  • Yeast, fungus, pinworms and other known causes can be eliminated with a visit to your doctor.
  • Men and women are afflicted equally. 50% - 50%.
  • Prolonged use of steroid ointments and over the counter hydrocortisone on the anal area leads to thin skin that tears easily. Extended use of these ointments is not recommended by the medical community.

Our observational conclusion is that conventional thinking is most likely wrong. There’s NOT a multitude of significant causes, just ONE. Something is going wrong somewhere in the gut, (possibly a bacterial imbalance or an unknown bacteria) which then leads to itching, burning and irritation to the anus (and the skin around the anus) after contact with fecal matter from leakage, mucous or discharge.

Night-time itching supports this theory. Almost all sufferers report the worst itching after going to sleep. We have come to the conclusion that since muscles relax while sleeping (including the anus), leakage likely occurs which then causes the itching. No other explanation seems to make sense.

Support for a potential bacterial source comes from reports by a few anal itching sufferers who were given ‘Strong’ non-mainstream antibiotics for other conditions. A surprise side effect was that the anal itching was eliminated, but the positive effects only lasted while they were taking the drugs.

Out of all the people we communicated with, none of them had this anal itching problem since birth. Something changed in the body over time that is now causing it. The affliction continues indefinitely. We found that we could temporarily get the skin of the anal area to heal, but then the itch and irritation would always come back via the anus first. Doctors typically prescribe steroid ointments to help heal the area but we again found they only work temporarily because something must be re-irritating or re-infecting the anal area. Long term application of those steroids (cortisone) thin the skin which leads to easy tearing and continual open wounds. (For this reason, they are not recommended for long term use.)

All of this leads us to believe that the cause of the itching problem is originating from the inside and then comes out through bowel movements, gas and mucous leakage, irritating the skin of the anus and surrounding area. In an attempt to correct this suspected internal problem, we spent years trying food (and beverage) elimination diets, probiotics and digestive enzymes, all with no long-term success or cure. We eventually gave up on finding a cure to focus on a (non-steroid or cortisone) treatment that could bring long lasting relief and a good night’s sleep. We hope that scientists will eventually find the internal cure. Until then, the Pranicura treatment only takes a few minutes a day and gives relief from symptoms for days, weeks or months at a time.

The Pranicura treatment proves it is the best treatment available


Initially, we tested a multitude of widely available anti-itch ointments and numbing agents, but none of them gave long-term relief so we had to create one ourselves. It took years, but a breakthrough occurred when almost all of the petrolatum was eliminated, we used calamine instead of zinc oxide, and then added what turned out to be the key ingredient…aluminum hydroxide gel. It creates a barrier, calms the itch, and keeps moisture in balance. No other product contains our patent pending formulation including this obscure, yet key ingredient. By inventing the Pranicura treatment in response to the ‘one cause’ theory, we were able to alleviate symptoms in 90% of people with long-term anal itching.

If the one cause theory is correct and the problem is actually coming from the inside and then out, then the first logical step is to remove all fecal contamination from the skin. We therefore advise an easy-cleaning protocol whenever the itch presents itself, and then application of Pranicura ointment only when cleaning off the irritant isn’t enough. We found that some people could go many weeks or even months between ointment applications, while others needed Pranicura every couple of days.

Unlike most products that just CLAIM to have success treating anal itching, the Pranicura Treatment has PROOF of success. In a recent survey of 2,086 anal itching and anal fissure sufferers, Pranicura blew away everything else on the market. No other treatment has EVER shown a higher success rate for these afflictions. For example, users preferred Pranicura almost 9 to 1 over Preparation H. Petrolatum-based ointments like Preparation H perform poorly on most people with chronic anal itching and fissures, and many report conditions getting worse while using them.

Cheap zinc oxide ointments such as Calmoseptine and Desitin ($8 - $15) might work if you have a very mild affliction. Products containing witch hazel and tea tree oil have also shown only sporadic success. Colloidal silver products (such as Emuaid) are considered potentially dangerous by the FDA. Any homeopathic remedy such as Emuaid, under FDA rules, cannot legally claim to successfully treat any medical condition. Here is what says about colloidal silver: “Colloidal silver products were once available as over-the-counter drug products. In 1999 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ruled that these colloidal silver products were not considered safe or effective. Colloidal silver is LIKELY UNSAFE when taken by mouth, applied to the skin, or injected intravenously. “

Unfortunately, most Pranicura users have tried some or all of these without success. If by chance one of the cheaper alternative above works for you, then great, you’ll save some money. But if you want to save the time, expense and frustration of trying all of the above, (and likely having none of them work) then the Pranicura treatment is your answer.

People who have suffered for 10, 20 and even 30+ years (after trying everything) have found relief and report that they finally “got their life back” No other treatment even comes close to this kind of success.

Go here to see the full independent survey results:


Should I see a healthcare professional first?

Although Pranicura is an over-the-counter product, we strongly recommend seeing a licensed healthcare professional first in order to identify any potential known causes to your symptoms and to rule out any serious health concerns. Oftentimes, your condition will be deemed idiopathic, meaning the specific cause is unknown.

It is imperative to be examined by a physician if you have an anal fissure, hemorrhoids, or you experience significant pain or bleeding. Some fissures and hemorrhoids are so bad that surgery may be the only alternative.

"Pranicura is the only product that worked for me. Relief came fast. After a few days of treatment, my issue had all but disappeared. No more suffering. I will never be without it again."

Is Pranicura safe and is it FDA approved?

Pranicura is approved under the over-the-counter FDA monograph for “anorectal ointments” and is registered under FDA NDC#: 71831-001-01. It is steroid-free, contains four active ingredients, and is safe for long-term use.

The formula is patent-pending and no other product on the market contains the same ingredients as Pranicura. A full list of ingredients can be found HERE.

"This product works! Pranicura didn't just help with the awful itch, after about 2 weeks the skin started to heal and now I rarely need to use it! Worth every penny and I hope more people with this frustrating condition find this awesome product!"

Why is the Pranicura Treatment a breakthrough?

In an independent survey of 17,685 Pranicura users, 2,086 of which responded, it was confirmed that 90% found success with the Pranicura Treatment.

From our research, we have not found any study, survey, or clinical trial of different treatment options where a 90% success rate has been achieved. In addition, hundreds (if not thousands) of our customers have tried several other products/remedies for years, but the Pranicura Treatment was the only thing that actually brought them relief.

"I've been dealing with this problem for almost two years now and have tried everything under the sun, with no relief. After just a few days of using Pranicura, I noticed a difference, I was healing. Complete relief!!! Great product!!!!"

Will Pranicura work for anal itching at night?

Yes! Most people find anal itching to be the worst at night, so you are not alone. Our survey results indicate that most Prancura users experienced relief from anal itching immediately. However, it will take some severe sufferers 1-4 weeks with our ointment and treatment process to get the itching under control.

The reason is because in order to completely eliminate the urge to itch, the anal skin needs to heal first. Damaged skin tends to itch, but our product will help you heal and within a few weeks we are confident that you will sleep through the night again.

"I highly recommend this product. I was in that phase where I couldn't sleep the entire night because of the itchiness. THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING, kudos to Pranicura!"

My problem is Anal Burning, will Pranicura work for me?

Yes. Throughout our observations, we have encountered a noticeable amount of people who had intolerable burning instead of itching.

The Pranicura Treatment has been highly successful at relieving the burning sensation in the anal area.

"Pranicura eliminates the itch, burn and swelling regarding anal issues. Relief was achieved!"

How can I heal Anal Fissures and keep them healed?

Following the Pranicura Treatment process precisely, as well as maintaining soft stools, will give you a high probability of success. The ointment helps heal the initial fissure and can also prevent fissures from reoccurring. A thin layer of Pranicura is applied to the entire anus, including the inner rim. It is never inserted or injected deep into the rectum.

Anal fissures are extremely difficult to heal as bowel movements can reopen the wounds on a daily basis, so some fissures can take several weeks to heal. We’ve seen a great deal of success with fissure sufferers and most were able to heal within 2 – 8 weeks. In our experience, if your fissure does not heal within 3 months then you should consult with your physician about other options.

"I was suffering the discomfort and humiliation from anal fissures. Until I found this product, nothing worked. Within days the bleeding stopped; and it has now been over a year requiring only maintenance use."

"I cannot over emphasize how appreciative I am of your product. Three years ago, my life was in turmoil as a result of a fissure. I had seen multiple doctors and was not getting any relief anywhere. The pain was indescribable. The English language cannot adequately convey the depths of my misery. Your product changed all of that very quickly and I cannot overstate my sincere thanks. With gratitude, D.G."

Will the Pranicura Treatment help with Hemorrhoids?

91% of the 179 respondents in our survey who indicated they had hemorrhoids, found Pranicura to be successful. This number is remarkably similar to the Pranicura success rate for pruritus ani and anal fissures.

In addition, 83% of users found Pranicura to be more effective than Preparation H (11% found it similar and only 6% found it less effective). Although further research must be conducted, Pranicura will help to heal the entire anal area and relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

"I have a hemorrhoid that flares up from time to time. It gets itchy. Your product feels very soothing to that area. None of the other products that I have tried soothed as much as your product. I always keep some Pranicura with me just in case."

I’m skeptical, is the Pranicura Treatment guaranteed to work?

Yes, we stand by our product and guarantee Pranicura will work for you. In fact, less than 1% of Pranicura users request a refund. However, if you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply call or email us to receive a refund for the purchase price (the shipping cost is non-refundable). There is no need to return the product.

Pranicura, LLC is A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We offer assistance to our Pranicura users every day and strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

For Refunds, Questions, or Concerns Contact Us:
Email (Preferred):
Phone: 763-537-3419

"Having suffered from the dreaded itch for years, I was very skeptical about the claims made for Pranicura. I heard it all before. But within a few days literally, the problem has gone. I think it's absolute bloody magic!"

Is Pranicura available in stores? Where can I get it?

Pranicura is not sold in stores and is only available for purchase through Pranicura, LLC. We ship anywhere domestically and internationally.

If you prefer to order by phone, call anytime, 24 hours a day: 763-250-1709 or toll free: 1-877-747-3499.


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What causes chronic anal itching? Is there a cure?

*Breakthrough research strongly suggests ONE origin of chronic anal itching.
*Resulting new treatment succeeds, when all others fail.
*Exclusive formulation with FDA approved aluminium hydroxide gel is the secret to bringing relief.
*Unintended benefit of medication promotes healing of persistent anal fissures.
pruritus ani relief
Pranicura Reviews

It’s the only thing that worked for my pruritus ani. Honestly a life saver! After over a decade of itch, I can finally sleep through the night and enjoy my life!


I had an ongoing anal itching problem for 29 years. On and off, but always there to haunt me. I am 62 years old and I've been brought to my knees, crying. Thank you. from the bottom of my heart I thank you.


It is truly a blessing for hemorrhoids and fissures. Before this product I was contemplating surgery, it was so bad. No more bleeding and no more flareups!


I've had this problem for 10yrs and Pranicura has fixed it!

fda approved ingredients
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*Disclaimer: Results with Pranicura vary. While currently a vast majority of users get relief from their symptoms using the Pranicure treatment, there is no way to guarantee specific results or guarantee that 100% of users will get satisfactory relief. Currently, there is no known drug, ointment or diet that can guarantee a cure for everyone with Pruritus Ani, anal itching or chronic anal fissures.

*Please note that under our terms/privacy/contact tab above, we promise you the very best customer service. You can always reach us to rectify any issues, make a comment or ask any questions. (All of our customer representatives were long term sufferers and know first-hand what you are going through.) We are sincerely here to help you beat this awful condition and will do everything we can to accomplish that. Email us anytime at Please see the terms/privacy/contact page of our website for all contact info, refund policy, and privacy information.