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Saved My Life! The itching and the pain...I was so miserable...I tried EVERYTHING!!! I do not even remember how I found this product, but so grateful I did. It only takes a little to provide so much relief. THANK YOU for developing!!

Really Unbelievable!  I got my 1st itchless night sleep in 2 years. It was weird, because I woke up a couple of times expecting to itch....but nothing. This is the best money I have spent in years. Thank you.

THE BEST PRODUCT EVER After years (about 40) of itching and various trips to the Doctors and the skin experts nothing worked until I tried Pranicura. It's fantastic and has changed my life! I would recommend it to anyone. 10 out of 10.

LIFE CHANGING 4 different doctors, 12 different types of treatments including gels, suppositories, ointments, sprays, pills. AND THIS ONE THING from your company has solved the problem. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. I'm glad I made a purchase! No more itchy bottom! Do not even think about wasting your time on other cheaper treatments, they are NOT WORTH your time.

Amazing! I had tried two different prescriptions from my doctor, natural remedies (basically everything I could find), and nothing worked. If anything, my symptoms kept getting worse. I tried Pranicura and poof! ALL of my symptoms (bleeding, itchiness, etc) are COMPLETELY gone. The first few days are a bit uncomfortable but just stick with it and follow the instructions carefully and it will work perfectly. I live in Canada and happily pay to ship it over. Plus, it takes so little and works so well that each jar lasts a very long time. SO grateful I found this!

Lifesaver I have had severe anal itching for as long as I can remember. Multiple visits to different doctors and testing nearly every cream and ointment on the market provided no relief. I accepted this condition as part of my life and decided that I just have to live with it. About six months ago, the itch transformed into extremely painful fissures. The pain, burning, and itching were so intense they took over my life. I could not sleep, even sitting for more than 20 minutes at a time was impossible, and going to the bathroom seemed like torture every single time. I was exhausted, miserable and felt like I was at the end of my rope when I finally ordered Pranicura. I had nothing to lose. And then the impossible happened! 1.5 weeks later I was virtually pain and itch free. 1.5 weeks!! I cannot describe how amazing it is to feel normal! I cannot believe that I wasted so many years living in such discomfort. If you are on the fence about Pranicura, I urge you to do yourself a favor and buy it! It is worth every penny. Follow the instructions and BE PATIENT!! I would give it 100 stars if I could. It truly is a miracle in a jar.

Anal Itching GONE after years of suffering. Wow! Amazing stuff. I see people stating it is "high priced". I must have spent hundreds on so-called cures and prescriptions. I thought this would be another one. So glad to report that this stuff WORKS! Wish I had found it sooner.

Best ever I’m in the process of ordering my third jar in as many years. This stuff is the real deal..the only thing that cured the itching. I hope you never quit making this product!

Years of night time scratching... This product made me want to a good way. After many years of scratching night after night, I got instant relief from this cream, it is truly a miracle! Now I just use occasionally! It amazingly stops the itch and lets the skin heal. Thank god for Pranicura!

2 year itching now gone I was suffering from last 2 years from anal itching and discomfort, used all sorts of medications, went for MRI and sigmoidoscopy as well nothing helped but this medicine is done it all. I am 99 percent recovered but still using it. I even showed to my specialist so he can recommend to other patients. I highly recommend this product.

Works better than anything the Dr. gave me!!! Pranicura finally gave me relief after trying so many others. i am totally healed from a anal fissure of so much suffering. It truly is amazing!

A BLESSING Sincere thanks to the Pranicura team for this blessing to humanity. I only hope everyone who needs this product somehow learns about it. Before finding Pranicura I had researched many cures and had tried a number of them without success. But as sufferers of this affliction know, it is so severe that one MUST find a solution, whatever it takes. So I continued researching and eventually found this website. The numerous positive reviews found on this site convinced me to take a chance on Pranicura. Now, five weeks after I began treatment, I leave my own testimonial.

Upon first application, I got immediate relief. I could feel the itchy tissue being soothed. For the first week I needed 2 to 3 treatments per day. For the next week or two I often needed only one treatment per day. Sometime during week three I began skipping some days. By week four there were some multi-day gaps between treatments. During the fifth week, I only used Pranicura twice. I am fully convinced this problem has been successfully tamed.

Incredible This stuff is incredible. Make sure you follow the directions explicitly. If you follow their steps, it works fabulously. I can now sleep through the night uninterrupted. This product goes a long way. Will last over a year I am sure. Thank you!.

Instant relief it works, after a few years of pain and itchiness, all gone in a day or two. thank you

On the Fence? This is Life Changing! I was skeptical, but after doing some research and deciding it was not a scam, I decided to buy. My purchase came in the mail much quicker than I expected. The first application was an absolute miracle! I legit almost cried. I have only suffered from this condition for a few months, but given how nightmarish my nights had been, I cannot imagine some of the other people saying they have suffered for years (I would lose my sanity)! As others have stated, there is a slight stinging sensation when first applied, but that goes away very quickly and the relief is almost instant. Follow the very specific directions for your particular condition and you will not regret it. I will purchase this product as needed for the rest of my life. I can only say ...thank the team that developed this product.

Praise Jesus, This actually works! So glad it actually works! Within the first week, too

It turns out that miracles are real, and they come to us in the form of Pranicura cream If you've made it to this website, then it's a fair assumption that you also have the intense misfortune to have been cursed with the cruellest and most unholy affliction ever to befall humanity... that's right, the waking nightmare of Pruritus Ani.

You'll know all too well the abject misery that it brings... The pain! The tears! The cold sweats! The blood! The horror! The wailing and gnashing of teeth! The desperate prayers to a thousand gods that you don't believe in, begging for one of them to deliver you from this evil...

Every single night it comes like a demented incubus, that horridly familiar tickle that grows and grows into that painful itch... ending up with that unbearable sensation like you're being attacked by millions of furious fire ants that gain their sustenance from your screams of anguish and torment.

You know you shouldn't scratch... but after a heroic amount of almost-coping with rolling around and biting and clawing at the pillows, it always ends up in heartbreaking defeat as you reach down and scratch, giving you very temporary and guilty relief and simultaneously causing your leg to kick out like it's possessed and your mouth to emit a noise that sounds like a wounded gazelle giving birth to an ancient Babylonian demon...

You've tried many lotions and potions, and nothing has had even the mildest effect... And so this is to be our fate.

But wait! It turns out that there is an alternative ending to this tale of woe. Do not let yourself fall into despair - lift your head and allow hope and optimism to once again flood through your soul. For there is a cure. It is a cure that *actually works*. And its name is Pranicura.

So here is my slightly more serious aside - I've had this horrible condition for probably about 3 years, it started quite subtle and then got worse and more frequent culminating in being quite unbearable over the last 12 months. I tried another couple of creams and wipes which had good reviews, but they didn't do a thing. This stuff genuinely works - it basically seems to replace that intense itching with a curious (and not exactly unpleasant) sensation that's kind of halfway between heat and numbness! Initially it seemed to work for a few hours and then the itch would come back, but you could kill it again by cleaning off with wet wipes and re-applying (as they instruct you to)… what this process does is allow you to stop scratching the area and lets everything heal itself! After doing this for about a week the itches just stopped coming back... and they've been gone now for about 2 months (except for very occasional and mild ones that can be immediately neutralised with a small application).

So yes, all these other reviews are absolutely true - Pranicura's one of the best things I've ever spent money on, and well worth getting shipped over from the USA - I genuinely feel like I've got my nights back again and have started to remember what a good night's sleep feels like.

So do it! Join us in this wonderous promised land, where the sun shines slightly brighter, the landscape is awash with colour, and the air carries the sounds of joyous songs sung in major keys! You'll never look back :)

Miracle cream Pranicura has been a life saver for me! The relief and comfort from itching and irritation has been amazing! Great product!!

Miraculous! I have suffered with pruritis ani for 43 years. I sought help from my Primary Care Dr, a dermatologist, a urologist, and a proctologist and tried many home remedies. Nothing helped. Pranicura gave me some relief the first time I used it, and within 2 weeks of using it once a day, the itch was completely gone. I barely used any out of the jar. This stuff is miraculous!

Decades of suffering Works great! I’ve tried all sorts of crazy stuff - this is by far the best thing I’ve ever used. Thank you!

FINALLY RELIEF!! I have been suffering from pruritus ani for a couple years, but recently it got to the point where it was unbearable. I’d tried every ointment out there with no relief until now! It’s been two weeks and I must say my life is changed! The irritated, chafed, and cracked skin has also healed. Thank you for this miracle ointment! Worth every penny!

Godsend Pranicura is an absolute GODSEND. Nothing else worked

SAVED ME I was super apprehensive at first as I was given more creams and medications from the docs. If you are patient and follow the instructions you will be amazed with the results. I lived with terrible anal itching and pain for almost a year, within a few weeks of using this cream it was gone! I have my life back!!

A total believer! Ditto to all the accolades others have written. There can’t be any other words to say how effective Pranicura is. THANK YOU!

Finally after 30 years Finally after 30 years of suffering with anal itch I found your product. Pranicura is fantastic. The itch has stopped!

Miracle! Suffered for years and tried many different products. Nothing worked until Pranicura! Thank you for helping me get my life back! 100% RECOMMEND!!!

It STOPPED!!! I've had this blasted itch since I was 14 and I'm 50 now. I have finally slept through the night without itching!!! Thank you!!!

Life changing I was desperate for relief. My doctor was no help. Specialists were no help. This product provided immediate relief and over time I need it less and less. I can sleep through the night now and I’m not squirming in my seat throughout the day. Absolutely life changing!

Worked after cancer surgery... After cancer and surgery on my colon I suffered with horrible itching. I tried calmoseptine and many other products , but nothing would stop the itching. I ordered pranicura and immediately it stopped the itching. I wont be without it now. I am so thankful I finally found a product that really works. It lasts a long time because it only takes a small amount.

Pranicura gave me my life back! I'm here to say thank you. I kept a journal of my progress in case for some reason I had to take advantage of your warranty. Well thats not the case, the product is amazing. After 3 weeks of use I am now symptom free. If I were to criticize things it would not be the product but the amount I was forced to buy in the first place. I barely even cleared off the stuff that was stuck on the lid. LOL. I used it very sparingly as directed. So to make a short story long, I would give your product a raving review. You did give me my life back. It did exactly as advertised. Thank you!

Definitely a great buy!! I’ve suffered off and on for 5 years with terrible itching at night. I didn’t believe anything would work as I’ve tried other things and no positive outcome. Pranicura took the itch away and finally let me start having a full nights sleep.

It works when nothing else does! I’m happily writing this review. I have had this horrible anal itching issue for 5 years. I tried every single product for every single potential issue it could possibly be and nothing worked. I have cried over this issue so many times ! I finally found Pranicura and gave it a shot. Within three weeks there was almost no sign of an itch. Every now and then I use it if it starts feeling funky. But it actually works. If you’re reading this and you’re skeptical, we all understand. But trust me. IT WORKS!!

This product changed my life! I cannot say enough good things about Pranicura. It WORKS! I was desperate wondering if I would ever feel better and get a good night of itch-free, pain-free sleep. But I now feel normal again after just a few weeks! It's seriously worth every single penny.

Simply the Best I have been using Pranicura for almost 2 years, and do so as and when needed. It has been without comparison in terms of its effectiveness (and I have looked for solutions around the world).

U.B.E.L.I.E.V.A.B.L.E. After decades of very uncomfortable itching and dozens of "cures", at last, itching has stopped! Pranicura is miraculous, and my thanks are unlimited.

IT REALLY WORKS I developed the dreaded "itch" after a horrible bout of diarrhea and was itchy down there for 3 months, non stop. I woke up several times a night, every single night, itching until I bled, to reapply all the expensive products I bought online, only to wake up again and scratch them off.

Here is a list of all the products I bought, tried, and all failed: sitz baths 1-3 times a day using expensive epsom salts, olive oil, coconut oil, oregano oil, tea tree oil, black seed oil, antifungal soap, Calmovil Hemorrhoid Cooling Cream, Anax Rx Natural Capsaicin Peppermint Hemorrhoid Relief Lotion, Itchybum, Tronolane Hemorrhoid Cream, a $70 essential oil for hemorrhoids, Calmoseptine Ointment, candida supplements, mushroom extract supplements, probiotics, antifungal creams and aloe vera.

Out of total desperation, I scoured the internet in my last ditch effort and found Pranicura. I told myself if this didn't work within 5 weeks, I would finally make the doctor appointment that nobody wants to make.

It's been one week and my itch is 95% gone. The first few days I applied it in the AM and PM and now I'm down to one time a day. I'm finally able to sleep.


Quick Relief I was getting up 5 times a night to apply Recticare or GoldBond for the itching and the relief was always temporary. After 1 week of Pranicura I was completely back to normal, no itching at all. Simply amazing, wish I had found it a long time ago.

Finally!!!Something that works!!! I tried everything to stop the itching that woke me up at night. Within a few days of starting Pranicura, I was not experiencing any more itching. Super fast shipping of product as well. Small jar lasts a long time. Great product for me!!!

Best Product Ever Worked in 3 days. No other products have been so good. Changed my life. Amazing product.

Miracle I have suffered from an itchy anus for years. Tried everything and then found Pranicura. It has saved me from embarrassing moments and given me my life back. Just wish I knew about it years ago. Highly recommend

VERY satisfied, changed my life! Never have I ever been more impressed with a cream than this one; changed my life immediately...….Kathryn

Fantastic! I had been struggling for over 3 years, tried so many different over the counter creams and powders, and prescription ointments. Nothing worked. I came across Pranicura in my research and decided to give it a try. It is the best thing I could have ever done, immediate relief and helps long term. After a couple weeks of using it on a more regular basis, I do not need to use it as often, and now hardly need to use it unless I have a flare up for some reason. Best product I have ever spent money on. Thank you!!

Once a Skeptic, Now a Believer I never leave product reviews, but had to come back and leave one for this cream just in case anyone out there was deciding whether or not to get Pranicura. I was skeptical that anything could help with my itching, but this cream worked in less than two weeks. My itching is gone, and I do not even have to use the product every day anymore! I cannot believe it. If you're wondering if you should buy Pranicura, stop wondering and get it!

Words cannot describe my appreciation for this cream! As I was ordering I was skeptic as I always am. However I'm forever grateful for the relief Pranicura has provided me. I followed the instructions to a T and within I'd say 24hrs I swear I noticed a big difference. With time I don't have to use it as often but when I feel an itch I apply a small amount and instant relief! Thank you so much to the creators, I'v searched far and wide and nothing has ever come close!

As close to a magic cure as you can get. This is absolutely, hands-down the best treatment for pruritus I could find after trying everything else for the last two years. I'm largely asymptomatic now because of this stuff... and if/when it comes back, I know that it's no longer a quality-of-life issue anymore.

THANK YOU! I've scratched and scratched for years and tried medicated ointments but this Pranicura is the absolute bomb. This product is amazing. Relief within days. Could be sold in smaller cheaper tubs as you only need a small amount. Thank you to the Pranicura team for making this so accessible. Thank you Thank you Thank you

I tried everything and ONLY this works! I had an itchy bottom for 10 years! Many different doctors prescribed every cream there was and NOTHING worked. I even tried some horrendous things suggested by other sufferers which made it even worse. I then found out about this ointment and was TOTALLY skeptical but also desperate, so I bought some with low expectations. I can honestly say this is the ONLY thing that works. Thank you so much. I have never written a review for anything in my life, but this stuff deserves one. Believe me it is a miracle in a jar and will change your whole life!

Life Saver I was going crazy, visited several doctors, used several creams and other medications. I usually am not one to write reviews so felt I needed to write one for a product that kept me from going insane and gave me a a full nights sleep. Helped on the first application.

Amazing Product My wife found this product online and it has saved my life. After years of this problem that not even my doctor could cure, I could not be more happy with the results. Thanks for giving me a comfortable life back again.

What a product! I had suffered in silence for a few years with this condition and it was something I wished to keep quiet as I felt embarrassed about it. When I received the product I was just hoping it would give me the relief I sought. Well I can say that it has provided me with everything I'd hoped for when I purchased it. It has eased the constant itch and general discomfort I had been experiencing. I don't need to use Pranicura every day which means I'm getting relief and value for money. Highly recommend the product to anyone suffering in silence.

IT REALLY WORKS!!! I have to admit I was skeptical at first but I was desperate to try anything at this point. I have suffered for over 20 years and have tried literally everything possible. Nothing brought much relief and definitely not long term relief - BUT Pranicura has. I've been using it now for about a month and a half and for the first time ever I have relief! I'm afraid to jinx it but it truly has worked. I would highly recommend to anyone in need. I found this product in desperation one night at 2am when I was up suffering and crying at my wits end and I'm so happy that I did. I have my life back!!

Finally...relief I waited almost a month to write this even though it was effective right away. I've been suffering with pruritis ani for six years. Tried everything from steroids to anti fungal creams and finally with Pranicura I've found relief. Thank you soooo much!!!

This stuff is amazing Follow the directions and it works!!! Months of this problem and hundreds of dollars in everything under the sun and nothing. Three weeks with Pranicura and now no itching for over 6 weeks and counting.

My Life Has Changed I cannot express the sheer joy, happiness and excitement that I feel since purchasing this incredible product! I was literally distraught and in tears daily because of my problem. I could not imagine this being the rest of my life. I read many of the reviews and decided I have to give this a try. I followed directions and read the instruction sheets word for word. I feel like a new person and that is no exaggeration!! I will never live nor travel without my golden jar of Pranicura!!!

miracle I had been living with anal itching for over a year and I came across Pranicura through a Pinterest post while reading for causes of anal itching. Once I read other reviews I placed an order right away. I read the instructions and followed. I needed to apply everyday sometimes more than once. However, after about three weeks, I noticed only needing it once or twice. Now (about 3 months later) I haven't applied in over a week and I feel normal again! THANK YOU!

Anal Itching GONE after years of suffering. Wow! Amazing stuff. I see people stating it is "high priced". I must have spent hundreds on so-called cures and prescriptions. I thought this would be another one. So glad to report that this stuff WORKS! Wish I had found it sooner.

We Itchy, We scratchy I think I am right in assuming that I was among the “somewhat skeptical” buyers who purchased this product. Primarily, I was skeptical, for numerous companies will offer discounts/free products for “5 star ratings and reviews;” however, this is not the case with Pranicura. I was also skeptical that this product wouldn’t work at all or only temporarily. I was wrong in my skepticism. I have purchased otc creams and prescription ointments. Nothing worked longer than a few hours/minutes, and I would find myself once again itching and scratching. I suffered (and I don’t use that word flippantly) for a few years. But the itching progressively worsened and it started affecting my sleep. This seemingly small issue was causing tremendous stress and annoyance in my life. I came to the conclusion, another product wouldn’t hurt trying, as I was open to any remedy. I used the cream as directed, and the itching subsided in a matter of a few days. I have now gone a couple of weeks without using the cream. This product has been one of the best “bang for your buck” purchases I have ever made. I cannot recommend this product enough to those who are afflicted with the “itch.” I feel somewhat bad, as this product works so well I may not even need to purchase another Pranicura cream.

*To the folks at Pranicura: I cannot express my thankfulness enough. It has brought me peace of mind. Keep striving to make a solid product. Thank you!

Couldn't Survive Without It This is an amazing product.

Sleepless Nights No More After having enough of the persistent itch one night, in frustration I was looking for solutions on the internet. I came across this product by chance. At first the price had me a little concerned but having frustrations at an all time high decided to place the order. Best decision I could have made as this product is amazing. Just make sure you follow the instructions and it works wonders.

Really works! Don't know how we landed such a gift for those of us suffering from the crazy itch - but this stuff really works - hands down no BS with this - really works! I got my life and sleep back! I take it everywhere with me now - home and travels! On my 3rd jar - no regrets!

sanity. at last! I have had an ongoing problem for 29 years. On and off, but always there to haunt me. I am 62 years old and I've been brought to my knees, crying. Thank you. from the bottom of my heart I thank you.

5 thumbs up Works great, slight burning sensation upon application BUT it is 1000 times better then the constant inching. Itch is gone and stays gone if you follow directions. A small dab goes a long way, I figure the cream will last a long time. Cost is nothing compared to the constant inch!

Yes. Read my story! I bought this product about 4 years ago and had really bad anal itching. I would scratch and scratch and the itch would never be satisfied. I tried cutting out all sorts of foods including going sugar, dairy and gluten free for 7 months. De wormed myself because I thought maybe I had worms. Also went to the doctor to see if I had any anal fissures or hemorrhoids. The doctor was stumped and could not think what it could be. Eventually it became too much so I turned to the internet. Stumbled upon this product and begged my mum to buy it for me. She agreed though we both initially were skeptical as we had not heard of it through the doctor and we had to order it to NZ from USA. Nonetheless it arrived and changed my life completely. After using probably 3 or 4 times I cleared up my “itch scratch” cycle and just like that I had no more itchy anus. Occasionally maybe once every 4-6 months I will experience an itch. However with this ointment a little goes a long way... I simply apply once and I am fine again for another 6 months. Four years on and I decided I would come on here and write a review as I remember trawling their reviews trying to decide whether this would be a worthwhile purchase. And my advice to you would be absolutely do if. You will not regret it.