Pranicura II

• #1 Pruritus Ani (Anal Itch) Treatment
• Best Non-Surgical Fissure Remedy
• Provides Complete Anal Relief

Pranicura is truly a breakthrough in the treatment of chronic anal itching and anal fisures.
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One Jar Lasts 6 to 12+ Months!
Pranicura is not available in stores, Amazon, or anywhere else but this website.
*Pranicura is risk free. If results are not satisfactory within 6 months of the purchase date, simply email us for a full refund, no need to return product.
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Product Description

Pranicura Advanced Formula Treatment:

Pranicura is proven to successfully treat chronic anal itching (pruritus ani), anal fissures, anusitis and hemorrhoids.

Price: $49.99 USD per jar. Each jar typically lasts 6-12 months depending on severity of symptoms.  Use a pea-sized amount or less with each application. Shelf life is 2+ years.

(Click the tab at the top of your screen for a full list of all Pranicura Ingredients.  "Pranicura" is a registered trademark and is a patent-pending formulation with four active ingredients.)

Easy Refund If Unsatisfied for Any Reason:  

Less than 1% of users ever want a refund. However, if you are unhappy for any reason, we will refund the Pranicura product price with a simple email. NO questions asked and NO need to return unused product! Send an email to us at within 6 months of purchase date and ask for a refund. (Shipping costs are non-refundable) Refund good for one item only.

Shipping Information:

Just $2.99 shipping in the USA and $4.99 for international orders... Pranicura is not sold in stores and is only available at Orders are shipped by US Postal service and international orders are shipped via UPS International Mail Innovations.  UPS gets the package to your local post office and your postal service makes final delivery to your home. We ship anywhere domestically and internationally from Minneapolis, MN.



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(1304 reviews)
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  • Finally Cured

    Posted by Andy *Pranicura results will vary* on 11th Jan 2021

    To be honest I tried Pranicura out of desperation and hoping the reviews were genuine. I had been struggling with a fissure for over 8 years. I've had three sets of botox shots, used prescription creams, eaten high fibre diets, used hygiene regimes and exercise, the lot. None had given me a cure just some partial relief. Things literally changed within 3 days of using the Pranicura and just got better and better. I used the whole pot and followed the instructions and I would now say I'm cured. I'm astounded and eternally grateful. I'm delighted with the result!

  • Money well spent

    Posted by Hannah *Pranicura results will vary* on 9th Jan 2021

    Money very well spent. After 2.5 years of misery, problem solved in less than a week. Follow the instructions, reclaim your life. Amazing stuff!

  • Miracle cure

    Posted by Virginia W. *Pranicura results will vary* on 8th Jan 2021

    Pranicura is truly a miracle cream. I like many others have tried many creams, prescriptions only to find finally your cream. It takes 6-8 weeks of careful use but it does work if you follow the instructions explicitly. Thanks you so much for a cream that truly helps to heal anal fissures.

  • Relief

    Posted by David *Pranicura results will vary* on 8th Jan 2021

    I was sceptical about the cost of this product until I used it. Worth every cent. An excellent product. Thank you so much.

  • Pranacura

    Posted by Linda *Pranicura results will vary* on 7th Jan 2021

    After suffering for years with fissures. I found this cream. What a great relief it is. Works better than nitro cream. Cooling and fresh feel. Thank god it works

  • Pranicura works

    Posted by Lily S. *Pranicura results will vary* on 6th Jan 2021

    If you follow instructions, it works. It doesnt happen right away. But be persistent and dont give up. It was worth the money.


    Posted by n/a *Pranicura results will vary* on 5th Jan 2021

    As everyone says, this is a miracle product. I’ve been using the product before this new version came out. Old was too stiff which made it hard to use, stained clothes and was difficult to spread. New version (Pranicuria) solved all these problems. Yay! Thanks!

  • Only Thing That Works

    Posted by n/a *Pranicura results will vary* on 5th Jan 2021

    Literally the only product that gives me any kind of long term relief.

  • It really works

    Posted by n/a *Pranicura results will vary* on 2nd Jan 2021

    Used as directed and I have relief from itching and discomfort. It's expensive but worth it. You don't need to use much and the small container lasts longer than you would think.