The Cure for Chronic Anal Itching

Posted by Pete Peterson on 28th Feb 2019

Chronic anal itching, medically known as pruritus ani, is a surprisingly difficult problem to tackle.One would assume a person could simply go to the drug store or go to a doctor and get a prescription to eliminate the itching and cure the problem.If you are reading this, you obviously know that assumption is false.You’ve tried every OTC ointment, have been to your family doctor along with the specialist they recommended you to, and tried several prescriptions, all with no long-term relief. So, you keep searching as there MUST be a cure for this seemingly simple problem.

That’s when your research leads you to articles that claim your diet is the cause of your pruritus ani. Find the foods or beverages that are causing this allergic reaction, eliminate them and you are cured. Elimination diets take time, so you start your experiment of eliminating coffee, beer and wine.It seems to help!You have hope! But the itch doesn’t go away and a month or two goes by while you continue to struggle every night waking up scratching. You then eliminate more foods…dairy, wheat, go gluten free. Months more go by.At times you have a good day and don’t scratch, but then it’s there again. Finally, after a year or two of trying every elimination diet possible, you give up on that and move on.

You find a third doctor, another specialist, and hope she has the answer. Every doctors visit is embarrassing but you can’t stand the sleepless nights anymore so you go, pull down your trousers and bend over like a good patient. She tells you it’s not yeast or anything she can think of. Her diagnosis is “idiopathic pruritus ani,” the medical term for chronic anal itching of unknown cause. “Idiopathic” doesn’t mean you’re stupid or that the horrible itching in your anus is all in your head, it simply means “of unknown cause”. She gives you a pamphlet with a whole list of things to try. Which is good! More things that just might work!Maybe one of these things will cure my anal itching!

You dive right in…more elimination diets. More fiber. Probiotics. You try to stop scratching because the itch-scratch cycle is the problem and once you get out of it, you will be cured. Ah but you can’t.You’re a failure. No matter how hard you try not to, you just have to scratch! You wear cotton gloves to bed to avoid scratching in your sleep. You put cotton between your buttocks to remove the excess moisture.You do everything on that pamphlet and unfortunately nothing has worked. You’ve been suffering for three years now and think you are going nuts due to lack of sleep and the constant twitching and itching all day.

You now have hemorrhoids and fissures, so off you go to doctor number 4. He tells you that hemorrhoids don’t itch. He’ll remove them for me but it won’t cure your itching. He tells you that they don’t know what causes pruritus ani and that he doesn’t have a sure-fire cure in his magic medical bag. Wow, that’s depressing. For the rest of my life I have to live like this? Not going happen. I’d sooner end it all than keep going like this. Doctor number 4 hands me essentially the same pamphlet I got from doctor number 3 and sends me on my way. Yes me, the author. This story is mine. If it’s your story too…then you are like one of over 20,000 sufferers I found since 2010.

In 2010 I went on a quest to find the cure for idiopathic pruritus ani. I had given up on doctors as one of them had just readily admitted that they didn’t have an answer for me. The medical professionals are the experts for solving known problems, but they are NOT researchers. When they identify a fungus/yeast, they can kill it and cure you. Keep that in mind, they cure a problem once they identify it and have the tool to fix it. The information they get comes from the outside. The drugs they write prescriptions for have published medical data that doctors rely on. Until there is a published, documented, medical study proving that something works, your doctor will most likely not know about it.Doctors are some of the brightest people, with the highest IQ’s on the planet.But just like a really smart computer, unless the data has been fed to them, they don’t know about it or believe it.Unless it’s been in a double-blind medical study, it’s not information they can believe, nor would they endorse it.

Bottom line: Currently, there is no medically approved or medically endorsed cure for idiopathic pruritus ani. Depressing! You can’t live with this awful affliction forever! You’re probably a little frustrated right now and want me to just give you the answer that isn’t medically approved or endorsed, right? Ok, so here you go… The cure for idiopathic pruritus ani is… not available yet . Boo!! Boo!! Horrible article, why am I still reading? But wait, your author here is the world’s leading expert on idiopathic pruritus ani. No one has brought relief to more people than I have with the Pranicura Treatment. A documented 98% success rate when the treatment is followed for 8 weeks. Over 20,000 customers in 90 countries. Just a couple minutes a day allows you to sleep every night and get your normal life back again. You will be lucid again. I’ve also found the general cause of pruritus ani and now we are just waiting on the scientific community to isolate it and come up with the cure.

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