Exclusive Formulation Relieves AND Prevents Chronic Anal Itching

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Product Description

Pranicura Advanced Formula Treatment:

The ointment was developed to specifically treat chronic anal itching, pruritus ani, anal fissures, and hemorrhoids.

Price: $49.99 USD per jar. Each jar typically lasts users 6-12 months depending on severity of symptoms.  Use a pea-sized amount or less with each application. Shelf life is 3+ years.

(Click the tab at the top of your screen for a full list of all Pranicura Ingredients.  "Pranicura" is a registered trademark and is a patent-pending formulation with four active ingredients.)

Easy Refund If Unsatisfied for Any Reason:  Less than 1% of users ever want a refund. However, if you are unhappy for any reason, we will refund the Pranicura product price with a simple email. NO questions asked and NO need to return unused product! Send an email to us at within 6 months of purchase date and ask for a refund. (Shipping costs are non-refundable) Refund good for one item only.

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Pranicura Reviews
(1145 reviews)
  • Lifesaver

    Posted by Marta *Pranicura results will vary* on 18th May 2020

    I have had severe anal itching for as long as I can remember. Multiple visits to different doctors and testing nearly every cream and ointment on the market provided no relief. I accepted this condition as part of my life and decided that I just have to live with it. About six months ago, the itch transformed into extremely painful fissures. The pain, burning, and itching were so intense they took over my life. I couldn't sleep, even sitting for more than 20 minutes at a time was impossible, and going to the bathroom seemed like torture every single time. I was exhausted, miserable and felt like I'm at the end of my rope when I finally ordered Pranicura. The first few applications were painful. The ointment burned on my skin and caused even more doubt, but all of the reviews said not to give up, so I powered though the discomfort. I had nothing to lose. And then the impossible happened! 1.5 weeks later I was virtually pain and itch free. 1.5 weeks!! I cannot describe how amazing it is to feel normal! I cannot believe that I wasted so many years living in such discomfort. If you are on the fence about Pranicura, I urge you to do yourself a favor and buy it! It is worth every penny. Follow the instructions and BE PATIENT!! I would give it 100 stars if I could. It truly is a miracle in a jar.

  • Really Unbelievable!

    Posted by Pat *Pranicura results will vary* on 17th May 2020

    To All: i almost never write reviews(good or bad) . i got my 1st itchless night sleep in 2 years. It was weird, because I woke up a couple of times expecting to itch....but nothing. This is the best $50 I have spent in years. Thank you.

  • This works miracles

    Posted by John *Pranicura results will vary* on 17th May 2020

    Been with anal fissures since end of 2017 and decided to give this a go after online search!!
    Just need abit of patience for some weeks but after healing you will be smiling on your way to the loo!!

  • Soothing

    Posted by Debbie *Pranicura results will vary* on 15th May 2020

    Relieves itching & is very cool & soothing!

  • Great Product

    Posted by Bill *Pranicura results will vary* on 13th May 2020

    I have used Pranicura for several years and I have been very satisfied with the results. Has not cured the problem but has seriously improved the symptoms I have lived with for close to 25 years that traditional medicine couldn’t help.

  • I did not trust the website...

    Posted by Adam *Pranicura results will vary* on 12th May 2020

    To be honest I did not trust the website because it was the first search result and just seemed to be a scam. But as the weeks progress with my itching getting unbearable at night I was willing to take a chance. I am glad that I took that chance. I am not cured but I have been able to sleep through the night without waking up in agony.

  • Great product

    Posted by J. *Pranicura results will vary* on 9th May 2020

    It’s nice to use a product that really works!

  • By far the best

    Posted by Maria *Pranicura results will vary* on 6th May 2020

    This is my second jar. The first one lasted a year and I used it quite often. Works almost instantly for itching and irritation. Highly recommend!

  • Best and only

    Posted by User from germany *Pranicura results will vary* on 6th May 2020

    Years of trying everything and going to the doctors and nothing helped and now this – I am amazed! I ordered it to germany – the customer service is just golden. I´m really really happy with everything – and it is worth the price.